Creativity Unleashed

Teachers prepare for students to be back to school tomorrow with some creativity…. Ideas brought up during training include 1. Draw a self-portrait and write about how you are feeling today. 2. Draw some squiggly lines all over your paper..rotate it, what kind of picture can you see? Darken those lines and write a paper using your picture as the main character of your story. 3. use pencil shavings to show the flow of a dance move or draw a historical figure. 4. Make a coffee drawing (put the coffee on a sheet of paper, use a cotton swab to move coffee around to make a picture) of how you are feeling today, now discuss how you are feeling with another person. 5. Instead of using coffee, use different forms of soil. Then discuss the properties of each type of soil after trying to draw in them. 6. Use the coffee grounds to draw a picture of a science concept to check for understanding. 
Can you think of another idea? Please email with a subject heading of Creativity Unleashed.